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A dissolution of marriage will impact your relationship with your children, child support, division of marital assets and debts, and your post-divorce income.  Visit our legal information center to learn more about divorce in Florida.  


Florida paternity laws govern the rights of parent's of children born out of wedlock.  Generally if the parents are not married when a child is born, the mother retains the overwhelming majority of parental rights until paternity is established through the proper court.  A paternity action includes establishing parental responsibility, a timesharing schedule, child support, and the minor child tax exemption.   Visit our legal information center​ to learn more about Paternity in Florida.

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Visit our legal information center​ to learn more about common family law topics, answers to frequently asked questions, useful links, and more.

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Client Testimonials

"I contacted Mr. Phipps about going through the divorce proceedings. I didn’t know what to expect as going through a divorce is not an everyday thing. Paul not only walked me through the process but made sure that I felt comfortable throughout the whole process. Paul is very professional, straight to the point, and all business. He might not always tell you what you want to hear but will be honest and tell you what you need to hear and will guide you to good result." - Bryan

"Mr. Phipps is a very compassionate lawyer. The previous lawyer on our case was harsh and didn't listen. Our case had been dragged on endlessly and nothing seemed to get done. When Mr. Phipps took over, he immediately saw that all the previous neglected things and information were righted and that our Judge was updated on information that should have been presented before. Mr. Phipps made sure that all the information needed to present our case is being presented as it should be and his counsel has been invaluable. Although our case isn't over yet, I can light at the end of our tunnel. Mr. Phipps is making sure no stone gets left unturned." - T.D.B

"I am extremely grateful for all Paul did for me. He’s kind, very knowledgeable and gets the job done. Words can’t express my gratitude and I would recommend him in a heartbeat to anyone." - S.P

"Excellent work, very prepared, and reliable. He worked diligently for me. He prepared me for everything that would or could arise. I’ve got nothing but praise for his style and work ethic." - Billy

"Mr. Phipps was very professional and dedicated to our case. I was quite impressed when we were in court and all the extra research he had done on his own regarding my matter with fighting for the alimony owed to me. He was always available when I needed to discuss anything with him. He treated me and my case as if i was his only case which is important to me. He is very personable and easy to talk to. And of course we won the case! Excellent counselor." - Miriam

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