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Divorce - How is Child Support calculated?

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

Child support is calculated by applying the formula provided in Florida Statute 61.30. There may be exceptions based on the specific facts of your situation but generally, child support is calculated using both parents respective net incomes*, the number of overnights the child or children spend with each respective parent, the cost of and who pays the health insurance premiums, and the cost of and who pays child care and, or, before and after school care. *Florida law identifies what "allowable deductions" are applied to determine each parent's net income.

Child Support is intended to cover children's basic needs such as food, housing, and basic clothing (this does not mean that the parent receiving child support is responsible for purchasing clothing for the other parent's home). Unless specifically agreed to otherwise, the costs of extra-curricular activities and uncovered medical expenses are components of child support and are not normally included in the child support payment. The parents are responsible for paying their pro rata portion of these uncovered expenses.

Florida's child support formula is such that even in cases where parents have equal "50-50" timesharing, one parent will likely have to pay the other some form of child support. If equal timesharing cases the higher wage earning parent will likely have to pay the other parent child support and, or pay a disproportionate amount of the child(ren)'s health insurance premiums and, or childcare costs.

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