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Family Law - Stepparent Adoption

Florida Statute Chapter 63 governs step parent adoptions in the State of Florida. Often times when a birth parent has never been in his child's life or has completely removed him or herself from the child's life, the child's step parent desires to adopt the child. This law applies to a stepparent of a same sex couple as well.

The most important requirement of a step parent adoption is that the birth parent must consent to the step parent adoption or the birth parent's parental rights must be terminated. The stepparent wishing to adopt the child must be a stepparent in the eyes of the law which means being legally married to the biological parent.

Upon meeting all the legal requirements the Court will grant the stepparent adoption. This will result in the stepparent becoming the child's full legal parent, and the rights of the birth parent whose shoes the stepparent is stepping into will be terminated. Full legal parent includes a legal and financial obligation to the minor child if the stepparent and birth parent divorce while the child is still a minor (e.g. child support obligation).

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