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Do I need to Hire a Lawyer?

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

This is a question I get asked often and it is a difficult one to answer. There are countless resources on the internet that provide information regarding the laws that may apply to your case, "how to" guides, and generally useful information. The Florida State Court's Self-Help Center even provides Family Law Forms that are available for download.

I normally respond to this question with "it depends." I am not mechanically inclined and have no experience or knowledge with automotive repair. If my car needs to be repaired, I can certainly turn to google and I have no doubt that I will be rewarded with a plethora of information, how to articles, and instructional videos that will provide me with the information needed to attempt a DIY repair my car.

How will the DIY auto repair and the DIY legal representation turn out? I honestly don't know. It may turn out to be a wonderful and resounding success. To the contrary it may also turn out badly, resulting in the situation becoming exponentially worse and potentially worsening the situation to the point where irreversible damage has been done.

Before deciding to tackle your legal issue pro se and without legal counsel ask yourself how important is your legal issue to you? What is at stake? How well versed are you in the law? How complex is your legal issue? Also arm yourself with as much knowledge as possible so you are in a position to make an educated decision. It is also a good idea to invest in a consultation with an attorney that specializes in the area of law your case involves so you can better understand if and how legal counsel may be able to aid you with your legal issue.

Call Phipps at (813) 600-3201 or Contact Us to schedule a free 15 minute telephone consultation to better understand your rights and to learn how legal representation may benefit you with your specific situation.

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